Principal-Ed Poetry by Mr. Berg: “Our Teachers’ Love”

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week!

We love our teachers every day of the year, and it sure is fun to shower them with love and gifts during this special week:)!

I write a poem each week, and I use each poem to narrate a slideshow, highlighting character, culture, and learning – you can find them on my Twitter feed here: @bergseyeview).

This week’s Principal-Ed Poetry by Mr. Berg is entitled “Our Teacher’s Love” – it’s narrated by two of my sons (Zachary and Maxwell), and it’s about just how much we love, respect, and appreciate our teachers!

It’s from our hearts – if you are/know a teacher…feel free to enjoy and share it!

Watch/Listen Here:

Read Here:

“Our Teachers’ Love” by Seth E. Berg

Our teachers are amazing, at everything they do,

they bring their best, they never rest, they love us through and through…

and that’s the thing, the stuff that counts, the icing on the cake,

our teachers’ love, it shines on us, with every move they make…

they come to work before the sun, they stay until the stars

shine in the sky, and this is why – their hearts are joined with ours…

connected, bound, and intertwined, combined attached, together,

they give their all, answer the call, through any kind of weather…

rain, or shine, or sleet, or snow, our teachers they prepare,

to show us every single day, just how much they care…

these super special human beings who make our lives so bright,

they do the things they do, it’s true, they do those things just right…

and though we know they’re working hard, it seems they move with ease,

they glide, they sail, it’s cool, it’s smooth, they saunter (if you please)…

they show us how to live with love, to learn, to play, to grow,

they teach us what, where, when and how, important things to know…

our teachers care, they really do, they care with all their hearts,

their love is like an endless chain, it never stops or starts…

it simply flows, it circles round, it hovers up above,

and for their gracious, giving hearts, they also have our love.


In it together for the kids!

Live. Love. Listen. Learn. Lead. Thanks.

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