Don’t Not Wag

Yesterday someone told me that her dog broke his tail by wagging it too much. She said, “He simply can’t not wag!”

Today I suffered a significant disappointment. I use the word “significant” because it was significant to me. I don’t know that other people would consider it significant.  Ironically, I suppose I don’t know that they wouldn’t either. Actually, that was the disappointment….I learned that I didn’t know a person as well as I thought I did. Life is often rich with irony.

I’m what some people consider naively optimistic. I’ve been told so. I believe things that some people find silly. For example, I believe that the glass is always half full. I’m not suggesting that I’m a “glass is half full” person, but rather that I actually believe that the glass is truly half full. I don’t even necessarily want to believe it, I simply do. I’ve experienced triumph born from what could be considered tragedy too many times not to.

I view the world through a lens of “What have we got and what can we make of it?” instead of, “We’ve really been given the short end of the stick!” And frankly, while I consider myself a fairly tolerant person, I have relatively little tolerance for “half empty” – “short end of the stick” attitudes. Not to mention, very little time for them.

Today I found out that someone I trusted betrayed my trust in a somewhat deceitful way, while masking a deeply negative outlook with feigned positivism and partnership. It stung. It stings. To the point above, I do believe that this disappointment will turn out to be an opportunity for learning and growth.

Even thought my tail feels broken at the moment…I believe that consistent wagging is good for me, and that it’s for those I serve!

As I frequently write in the pages of this blog, being human often causes me to have to process for a while before I can see a clear path to positive progress, but off the cuff I think that my take away from this particular disappointment begins with:

No matter how negative or disingenuous someone decides to get with you, if you’re a holistically optimistic, happy, and forward thinking person…don’t not wag!

Live. Learn. Lead.


Dream Big. Work Hard. Be Well.



  1. Maureen Schabel

    Hi Seth,
    I always enjoy your blog, and wanted to tell you so. I, too, need to “wag,” although it is extremely hard to do so some moments! Hope you are well!

    • bergseye

      Thanks Maureen…that means a lot to me! It’s great to know that you find meaning in these pages! It is hard to keep wagging at times, isn’t it? But I know that even if you tried to stop, it would probably be harder…a true tail wagger can’t not wag:). These are fast paced days with lots going on, keep your chin up, and keep moving forward with optimism and joy…that’s who you are! Thanks again! Be well!

  2. Elena

    I just had a similar disappointment and being a normally glass half full person myself, I think it stings worse when you realize someone’s optimism has been fake. However, I keep two thoughts in my pocket for such events. One, however you learned the person was “shining you on” may be false. I have had friends say to others how they hated having to do something, that later I would find out that really they love (throwing events with kids or spending time with them once or twice a week at lunch) but they couldn’t admit that to some, so they’d complain just to fit in. Also, on second thought, I just figure how disappointed they’re going to feel when I go forward & make the event or whatever twice as awesome without them. (It’s my secret Scorpio rising sign!) A place where vengefulness can actually improve upon an event already planned. Once I start that planning my tale is wagging again (though now with a small glint in my eye to match). Thanks for telling your tale. It’s a comfort to know I’m not the only one. ~Elena

    • bergseye

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts Elena…much appreciated! It sounds like your natural default is positive progress – a great way to be:). I hope that you’re having a wonderful start to the new school year! Be well!

    • bergseye

      I’m glad to hear it Lindsay. And what a great point…our students are so heavily influenced by what we say, what we do, and how we tackle life’s challenges! They seem to have a natural tendency toward tail wagging…we should do all we can to make sure that they maintain it:)!

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