Reader’s Workshop: Accountable Talk #1

The following clip comes from Quarton Elementary School and the wonderful Jen Wind.  Jen teaches second grade.  She is a master of Reader’s Workshop and is working with her students using ‘Accountable Talk.’  Jen models strategy and facilitates discussions that promote critical thinking.  This clip is part one of a series that will give you a peek into some of the structures that Jen uses in her workshop, how she communicates with her students, and how they respond to her incredible instruction.  Some of the key features that excite me about Jen’s implementation of Reader’s Workshop are:

–       The students’ level of engagement.

  • It’s clear that Jen has spent time setting up structures, articulating and modeling her expectations, and giving her students feedback and opportunities for practice.

–       The authenticity with which Jen delivers her instruction.

  • You can see that she is passionate about reading and it translates to enthusiasm on the part of her students.

–       Her attention to detail.

  • Think about the purposeful nature of Jen’s words and actions while you watch the clip.  Notice the pencil behind her ear, the sticky notes in her book, and the way she participates in practice with her students.  This lesson is front-loaded with thoughtfulness and preparation.

Check out the Teacher Feature, comment below if you’re so moved, and stay tuned for more in this Accountable Talk series from Jen Wind.

Teacher Feature Clip:


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